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The Guide:

The process of ordering a rug:


  • Choose from one of our exclusive designs inspired by world travel, whimsical fantasy, and today’s top fashion trendsIf none of the designs work for your space, there is the option to have a design specifically created to suit your aesthetic.


  • Consult with our design team to specify detailed design requirements such as size, color and material.


  • Choose from an option of two (2) 1’X1’ samples or one (1) 2’x3’ sample made with the color and material of your choice.

         *Lead-time for samples are approximately 4/5 weeks.


  • Once the design has been approved, your rug will be sent into production by artisans who pay great attention to detail!

        *Lead-time for a full production rug varies by design and technique. This process can take approximately 12-18 weeks.


Please remember that luxury hand-woven rugs, like ours, take time. Our skilled weavers work extremely hard to produce the most exquisite rugs, with the utmost quality to last a lifetime


Handwoven rugs being made for custom carpet design company VIVID Blueprint
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