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it all started with a love for bringing spaces to life. I found my passion in weaving together threads of creativity and color, quite literally!

Every rug I design is a canvas, a story waiting to unfold. I draw inspiration from the world around me – the hues of a sunset, the textures of nature, the pulse of urban life.

But it's not just about aesthetics; it's about connection. I believe that a rug isn't just something you walk on – it's something that ties a room together, that adds warmth and character to a space.

So, whether you're seeking a statement piece for your home or a cozy corner for your office, I'm here to bring your vision to life, one knot at a time. Let's create something beautiful together!

About the designer


Fequintly asked queations


Where are your rugs made?

Our rugs are made in Nepal and India by artisans with exceptional craftsmanship.

What determines the price of a rug?

Price is based on requirements such as knot count, size, material content, and technique.

Our rugs range from $825 for flatweave, to $25,000+ for the most extravagant rugs made from 100% silk.


Please email us for a detailed price list.


Can I request samples before commiting to an order?

Yes. You may request samples before committing to an order. However, these samples are only from selective designs in our library. We have 5"X5" samples available in multiple different materials and techniques.


As we are a small company, we offer a two-week loan period on all samples.

Clients are responsible for all shipping and handling charges.


*A fee will be charged (per sample) for non-returns within a two week period.

What are your lead times?

*Lead-time for samples are approximately 4 weeks.


*Lead-time for a full production rug varies by design and technique. This process can take approximately 12-18 weeks.

Lead time

I have a very specific color scheme... Can you match the colors?

We are able to match any color using the 'pantone' system. It is best to have a fabric swatch mailed to us in order to get the most accurate colors.

Can I have a custom design made?

We offer an option to personalize any designs from our exclusive pattern library or have a unique design created to reflect your individual style.

Getting Started

  • Choose from one of our exclusive designs (Here) inspired by world travel, whimsical fantasy, and today’s top fashion trends none of the designs work for your space, there is the option to have a design specifically created to suit your aesthetic.


  • Consult with our design team to specify detailed design requirements such as size, color, and material.


  • Choose from an option of two (2) 1’X1’ samples or one (1) 2’x3’ sample made with the color and material of your choice.

         *Lead time for samples is approximately 4/5 weeks.


  • Once the design has been approved, your rug will be sent into production by artisans who pay great attention to detail!

        *Lead time for a full production rug varies by design and technique. This process can take approximately 12-18 weeks.


Remember that luxury hand-woven rugs, like ours, take time.
Our skilled weavers work extremely hard to produce the most exquisite rugs, with the utmost quality to last a lifetime. 

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