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Design Collection

Take a look at the current collection of pre-designs. Each design has a different form of inspiration, from the elements of nature, to the patters and the textures of textiles 



Fair In Creation

As artists, the creators and makers of our rugs are staunch advocates for fair trade and ethical human rights. We believe in a world where every individual involved in the creation process is treated with dignity and respect.

Our rugs are manufacturers and makers meet social, environmental, and economic standards. This includes prioritizing safe working practices, implementing environmental protections, and maintaining transparent supply chains.

For us quality and integrity go hand in hand. That's why the price of our rugs reflects not only their exceptional craftsmanship but also our dedication to fair compensation for the talented artists behind them. By supporting us, you're not just investing in a beautiful rug – you're championing a system that values fairness, equality, and sustainability.

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